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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Building Strong Brains

Building Strong Brains is a Journey Institute (TJI) ACEs Initiative that champion the needs of young children exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), to raise awareness as to how communities and state can promote culture change in early childhood, based on the philosophy that preventing and mitigating adverse childhood experiences, and their impact, is the most promising approach to helping Broward children lead productive, and healthy lives to ensure the future prosperity of Broward.

With effort and collaboration, we can build a system supporting children under age 6, and the families who raise them, so that every child is prepared when they enter elementary school.   We accomplish this through on-going trauma informed trainings that increase awareness into the critical needs of young children exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

If children have access to safe and stimulating environments, and if families have the resources they need to support children’s positive development, then the community’s children will enter kindergarten poised for success. This effort is called “Building Strong Brains", where annually a group of partner agencies come together during Celebrate Babies Week to work collaboratively through raising awareness into the critical needs of young children across communities impacted by ACEs.  The goal of this program is to change the culture of organizations and communities to become more trauma aware, trauma sensitive, trauma informed and resilient to better support the needs of our most vulnerable young children.

Research tells us that early brain architecture sets a lasting foundation for children’s physical health and overall wellbeing. This process is shaped by resources available to kids, families, and communities.  

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