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Child Therapy Office

Our Founder & Executive Director


Dr. Harleen Hutchinson is an Infant Mental Health Clinical Mentor Specialist,  President of The Florida Association of Infant Mental Health, and Executive Director of The Journey Institute where she works with families of children birth through eighteen. Dr. Hutchinson is the 2020 recipient of the Florida Association of Infant Mental Health, "Answering The Call" award. She specializes in infant and early childhood mental health, focusing on children with a wide variety of  challenges that impacts their medical, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and family relationship. Dr. Hutchinson received her doctorate degree from Carlos Albizu University with a concentration in Child Psychology. She completed her Clinical Psychology Internship at the Miami Dade County Psychological Services Division with rotations in the Head Start program and a community trauma center with emphasis on family and community violence. Dr. Hutchinson completed her psychology residency training in a community mental health setting consisted of working specifically with young children and families exposed to trauma. Dr. Hutchinson is also a Trained Trauma Provider.


With a background in social work and psychology, Dr. Hutchinson has devoted her career to the clinical practice and research on children and attachment. Much of her work has centered on promoting culturally sensitive practices for children in the child welfare system exposed to trauma and children prenatally exposed to substances. Dr. Hutchinson is particularly interested in early infant mental health initiatives, advocacy, and intervention programs using culturally appropriate research to inform practice. She is a skilled and nurturing clinician with extensive experience working with diverse populations. She is also trained in the evidenced-based models Child Parent Psychotherapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Resolve Through Sharing Bereavement, Seeking Safety, The Circle of Security, Becoming Trauma Informed Trainer, and a DC:0-5 Certified Trainer.


Additionally, Dr. Hutchinson has broad experience administering and interpreting specialized assessment instruments used in the diagnosis of developmental, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders in the 0 to 5 population. She conducts bonding evaluation to assess attachment relationship, in addition to developmental evaluations for infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children presenting with emotional, developmental and behavioral difficulties. Dr. Hutchinson also provides Dyadic Therapy, pediatric bereavement groups, social skills group, and psychotherapy services to adults, families, and couples.


Dr. Hutchinson is an adjunct professor with the Barry University School of Social Work. She conducts training locally, state-wide and nationally on topics related to culturally sensitive practices, trauma and attachment in early childhood, and its implications on the parent-child relationships. She provides consultation to early childhood system of care on issues relating to equity, implicit bias, privilege, and power to ensure equitable practices.  Dr. Hutchinson also consults with various community agencies, organizations, healthcare providers, the judicial system and clinicians on issues related to infant and early childhood mental health that impacts the parent-child relationship. Dr. Hutchinson is recognized locally, state-wide and nationally as a leader in Reflective Supervision and Reflective Consultation. She can be reached at

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