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Diverse Kindergarten

Hearts of Hope

The Hearts of Hope Program is a unique program that supports young children birth to five and their families coping with the death of a significant family member. This program helps children, and their families process their loss, provide a safe place that helps to normalize grief and learn to cope with their experience in the context of the caregiver relationship.  Young children have difficulty understanding that death is permanent. Children grieve developmentally, and they re-grieve as they age. If a 5-year-old’s father dies, the child will re-grieve that death as a teen. The grieving process in children is very different from that of adults and can also vary depending on the age of the child.

We will work with your family during an initial intake interview to determine which services we offer will best support you and your family's needs.  Young children may work on art projects, engage in music therapy, or learn specific coping skills with a trained professional.

Hearts of Hope services are offered at modest cost, on a sliding scale based on financial means, although no one is turned away due to the inability to pay.

Resources for sudden death including accident, suicide, and manslaughter:

Click here to access resources for death of a parent.

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