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Therapeutic Visitation

Therapeutic Visitation:  The Journey Institute offers therapeutic visitations to enable an ongoing relationship between the non-custodial parent and child by impartially observing their contact in a safe and structured environment.  if the parent makes a mistake, the mental health professional is able to intervene and correct the behavior, therefore teaching the parent appropriate parenting skills.

Therapeutic visits are often provided to high-conflict families who are at risk for domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, and parents with a history of menta illness, or poor parenting skills, require the use of therapeutic supervised visitation programs. Those who have previous allegations of sexual abuse, who have threatened to abscond with the child, or with a history of severe parental alienation are also generally good candidates for therapeutically supervised visitation.

Our clinicians are forensically trained mental health professionals who follow strict guidelines and are comfortable offering guidance to the court, based on their observations. By having mental health professionals supervise visitations, our staff is able to assist in identifying and attempting to correct any issues that may prevent the parent from having a healthy and productive relationship with their child.

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